Project: Flow Characterization of Powder Lubricated Bearings
Sponsor: NSF National Science Foundation
Award No. CMS-0096141 (Dr. Jorn Larsen-Basse program)
University: LSU, Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator: Professor Michael Khonsari
Graduate Student: Manjunath Pappur
Contact Information: Professor Michael Khonsari

Project description:
Recent advances in the high temperature application of tribological components have identified powder lubrication as a promising method for meeting the required challenge. This is an important technology to satisfy the needs of "Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology (IHPTET) which requires operation of engine components at temperatures that exceed 600 oC. Given that most conventional lubricants tend to break down at temperatures exceeding 200 C, there is a need for development of an alternative lubricant that could withstand these severe operating conditions. Research shows that the powder flow within the clearance space of a bearing is akin to the flow of a liquid lubricant, but there exist some distinct differences associated with the flow consideration of granular material.

The objectives of this research are two folds:
1. to develop a general model for characterization of the flow behavior of powder lubricant as it flows inside the bearing clearance; and
2. to develop a general modeling scheme for the analysis and the
design of powder lubricated bearings.

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