Project: Thermal Galling of Oscillating Pin-Bushing Assembly
Sponsor: Louisiana Board of Regents & Caterpillar Inc.
University: LSU, Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator: Professor Michael Khonsari
Graduate Student: Haribabu Krishnamurthy
Contact Information: Professor Michael Khonsari

Project description:
Temperature induced galling in oscillating pin-bushing mechanisms subjected to heavy loads is known to be the cause of failure of many industrial machinery. Yet, surprisingly, very little information is available to shed light on this important failure mechanism.
In the case of rotating shaft, the temperature distribution will be uniform over its entire circumference.

In contrast, when either the bushing or the shaft is subjected to oscillatory motion, the generation of heat is concentrated primarily over the contact angle, which is dependent on the load and material properties. The severity of the temperature is a function of the oscillatory speed, load and the angle of oscillation. The prediction of thermally induced galling failure requires a transient heat transfer analysis with consideration of thermo-mechanical interaction of the contacting surfaces.

The objective of this research is to develop appropriate data in non-dimensional form that can be used at the design stage to guard against the occurrence of galling.

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