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Powder Lubrication
Bearing Seizure
Scuffing Failure of Mechanical Components
Novel Design of Mechanical Seals and Bearings
Automatic Transmission Clutch
Thermoelastic Instability
Rotor Dynamics and Whirl Instability
Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Bearings
Foil Bearings
Thermal Galling of Oscillating Pin Bushing Assembly
 Heat Transfer in Mechanical Seals
Heat Transfer in Microscale Compression Molding
Vibration and Instability Analysis of Rotor-Bearing System
Thermomechanical FEM Analysis of Disc Brake
Oil Mist Lubrication
Scuffing Failure of Hydrodynamic Bearings
Thermodynamic Based Approach to Predict Fretting and Wear
Dynamic Friction Model of Oscillatory Journal Bearing




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