The Center for Rotating Machinery (CeRoM) is committed to improve productivity and enhance global competitiveness of its partners in industry. CeRoM will focus on interdisciplinary problem solving, research and development in close collaboration with industry to provide cutting-edge technological innovations to solve complex problems in engineering systems. CeRoM will serve as an intellectual foundation to the industry with focus on continuous improvement and long-range development.

CeRoM will foster the development of next generation mechanical components, materials synthesis and fabrication techniques to enhance operation efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and meet the ever-increasing challenge of environmental compliance. CeRoM will serve the needs of the large industrial base within the state of Louisiana and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Center’s R&D activities will include the following areas: tribology addressing lubrication, friction, and wear; dynamics and vibration analysis of machinery; materials selection, advanced coating materials and processes, fatigue and damage analysis; measurement, testing, and sensing; modeling and simulation; and education. These activities will directly support improvements in design, manufacturing, diagnostics, reliability, performance, durability, and environmental compliance of vital mechanical systems and components, including but not limited to bearings, seals, gears, turbines, compressors, and generators.

An important mission of CeRoM is to facilitate the life-long learning process and professional development for the vital industrial workforce. CeRoM will provide continuing education and training of engineers and operational personnel from a wide variety of industries which utilize/manufacture rotating machinery. Based upon direct feedback from industrial members, the Center will offer pertinent short courses, organize symposia dealing with rotating machinery technologies, and deliver seminars on a regular basis. Thus, CeRoM will implement an efficient avenue for transfer of technology and provide a forum for exchanging ideas with OEMs, end-users, and industrial researchers.

An Industrial Advisory Board consisted of the industrial members and government agency partners will review the Center’s projects, plans, accomplishments, and schedule of events on semi-annual basis and make recommendations for improvement as needed.

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